Precision Tension Solutions — Providing Innovative Tension Solutions for Construction

Whether you are constructing a building, a nuclear plant, a bridge, an oil rig, or a wind turbine, lifting and suspending large segments, both on and offshore require tension solutions you can trust. Synthetic solutions are lightweight, resistant to the elements, take up less space, and cost less to transport to the location where they are needed. Because time is money, these benefits improve both efficiency and personnel safety.

Why Choose Precision Tension Solutions for Construction?

Our team has years of practical, hands-on experience in the field, which translates to helping you make critical, informed decisions about complete rigging solutions. Whether you are looking to integrate synthetics into your existing tension members or you’re looking for a 100% synthetic solution, our expertise in this area is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our goal isn’t to sell you a product, it’s to help you confidently find the right product for your construction industry.

Proudly Serving These Industries:

  • Land-Based Construction
  • Building
  • LNG
  • Nuclear
  • Wind Industry​

Industry Applications: