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Recent discoveries show that Neanderthal man used ropes, and not just to drag his food around. His use of ropes was sophisticated and innovative, far beyond what anyone thought him capable. But since the advent of steel cable over 100 years ago, most providers in the rope industry are still doing things the old way, using outdated solutions while operating in a modern world.

We have access to amazing technology, synthetic materials so strong they are able to handle the biggest, heaviest, and most demanding jobs, yet so lightweight, they are physically easier to handle, improving performance, durability, and sustainability. At Precision Tension Solutions we are modernizing one of the oldest industries in the world, making your work stronger, safer, smarter.

We started Precision Tension Solutions to create fresh new insights, not just for products and markets and end users, but also to create a work environment where innovation and outside the box thinking is not only welcomed, it’s expected. Our employees operate in their strengths, innovating across markets, dynamically impacting the  rigging and rope industry as a whole.

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