Precision Tension Solutions — Providing Innovative Tension Solutions for Marine

The marine industry keeps things moving. When it comes to marine cargo, from general goods and freight to liquid petroleum products, the lines used to secure them are as critical as the engines used to get them where they are going. Captains have to trust the products they choose because the environmental impact is great. Synthetic tension solutions have earned the respect of the marine industry.

Why Choose Precision Tension Solutions for Marine

Not only do we supply high performance synthetic lines for your application, Precision Tension Solutions has full time field service personnel dedicated to servicing our customers’ fleet. We work diligently to optimize rope service life by supplying the best product for the application, inspecting and monitoring the assets, and utilizing the latest technology for better solutions.

Product Lines We Offer

  • Vessel Mooring
  • Facing Lines
  • Tow and Assist

Industry Applications: